The Signman is able to provide the complete solution for all your signage needs from the smallest decal to the largest commercial billboard.

 Residential signs

 Residential FOR SALE signs can be printed in any size.  The most popular sizes are 24x36, and 32x36.  The layout can be landscape or portrait. For standard size signs (24x36) we recommend using 6mm coroplast with UV protective laminate.  We suggest not using lighter weight material as it does not stand up well to repeated use in the field.  We strongly recommend the use of protective laminate to reduce the chances of damage to your sign from abrasion, weather, or stickers.  See our graphic example of the value of laminate here.

 For Large format signs (28x36 and up) we suggest 10mm coroplast.  Signs with a larger surface area are more prone to flexing or bending and the heavier weight material provides greater resistance against this problem.  Local bylaws generally prohibit the use of temporary lawn signs with a surface area larger than 6.6 square feet. (30" x 32")

 Open House & Directional Signs

 Custom Open House signs or directionals are a great way to improve your brand recognition and to draw attention to your listings.  Let us custom design signs for you to get your property noticed.

 Custom Signs & Riders

 Does your listing have a unique feature like a walk-out basement, in-law suite or indoor pool?  Let potential buyers know what’s available with a custom rider.  Riders are securely attached to the arm of the post and can highlight special features of the property.  We also offer a selection of stock riders to advertise and open house or a new price.

 Sign Frames

 Are you placing a sign at a condo or other location that doesn’t allow a full-size post?  A metal frame that you can easily install and remove yourself may be the answer.  We can often provide a frame that fits your current sign or if you prefer we can custom print signs to fit the frame that meets your needs.


 Printed on weather resistant canvas or vinyl, banners are a cost effective way to print large format signs.  Banners can be installed high up on the side of a building to provide maximum visual impact and to reduce the incidence of vandalism.  The large size makes it possible for banners to be seen from great distances.   Banners are an excellent lightweight, economical alternative to traditional large signs.

 Commercial Signs

 Do you have larger institutional, commercial, or industrial property?  Sign sizes in proportion to the size of the building from a simple 4x4 to a multi-panel 16x24 V-shape billboard.  We can design, produce and install signs to meet all of your commercial needs.

 Builder's & Subdivision Signs

 New developments are often long term projects that require large, durable, semi-permanent signage.  The Signman can design, produce and install these signs for you.  Robust, stand-alone frames installed in-ground with concrete combined with signs printed on alupanel ensure that your sign will last as long as necessary.