About Us

 In 1990 Werner and Sharon Koehler first began operation of The Signman Realty Services. Sharon covered the office and Werner handled all the installs 6 days a week. As our customer base grew, we expanded our suite of products and services beyond installation to include design and fabrication of signs and supplying a variety of metal frames.  Our goal was to provide a one-stop source for all of our clients' signage requirements.

 By  1992 our existing facility in Waterloo had become too small, and our growing business needed a larger facility, more staff, and increased equipment.  The Signman moved office and warehouse space to River Road in Hespeler.

 In 2008 Andre and Rhonda purchased the business allowing Werner and Sharon to retire.  In 2014, after 22 years in Hespeler, we expanded. We moved to a much larger warehouse in the south end of Cambridge, and had 4 full time installers, and 3 office personnel. 
In 2018, we found ourselves needing more space, we have expanded significantly again and moved back to Hespeler to a 4000sqft warehouse. (only a few mins away from where the Signman used to be).  Our staff has grown with us and now have 6 full time and 4 office personnel.  

 The Signman started very low tech: No computer, no fax machine, and no email. Now we offer all of our services online 24/7 though our website at www.signmanrealty.com.  Our routing is now handled electronically and all of our trucks are equipped with GPS and a digital clipboard to process orders.

 We are now the largest supplier of signs and installation services to the Real Estate industry in the Golden Triangle.  With more experience, superior service and greater convenience we are the preferred choice for Realtors who want to enhance their image and market their services with greater ease, effectiveness, and impact.