Frequently Asked Questions

 RATES: What are your rates for residential installations?

 A standard post installation in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, or Brantford is $61.00 (all services are subject to HST). When you’re done with the sign and post at a particular location we will remove them at no additional charge. Additional services such as repair, relocation, replacing a panel, adding or removing riders, or adding a SOLD range from $20.00 - $28.00. Installations more than 10km outside of the cities listed above are $90.00 and up depending on the distance. Please contact us for pricing for a particular location.

 INSTALLATION: How quickly can I expect a sign to be installed on my new listing?

 We offer next business day sign installation service in our Local Service Area. Our Expanded Service Area (See our Service Are Map ) is serviced every Tuesday and Friday. Orders can be placed through the website until 11:59PM for completion on the next business day. As a family owned business The Signman values and respects the family time of all of our team. We are closed every Sunday and most Holiday weekends to allow our team to spend time with their families.

 PLACEMENT: Can I have my sign installed on the boulevard?

 Generally speaking we do not install signs on the city boulevard (the grassy strip between the sidewalk and the road). Most municipalities do not permit temporary signage on city property. In most cases the municipality will issue a fine for signs placed in this area. Many municipalities will also confiscate the sign and post without notice. If we are unable to retrieve our post from the city you may face a missing post charge in addition to any fines levied by the municipality.

 Also, most condominium corporations have strict policies outlined in their by-laws as to placement of signs on condominium property. Whenever possible please check with the condominium corporation and/or your seller regarding what signage is permitted. Please be clear regarding where you would like your sign placed for any install, particularly when installing at a condominium or townhouse complex.

 The Signman Realty Services Inc. assumes no responsibility for compliance with local city by-laws or condominium corporation by-laws regarding placement or location of real estate signs. Any costs incurred as a result of incorrect placement, including fines levied by the municipality or the condominium corporation, and/or loss of Signman property, are the responsibility of the agent.

 DIRECTIONAL SIGNS: Can I have directional signs installed at nearby intersections to lead potential buyers to my listing?

 Yes. We have small directionals for some brokerages. These are installed on wire step stakes and can be ordered through the website when placing an install request. If we stock directionals for your agency simply select “Yes” beside the question “Do you require directional signage?” In the “Additional Information” box you can tell us where you would like the directionals placed or you can leave it to the discretion of our installers.

 Can I use a full size sign and post as a directional for rural properties?

 Sometimes. As a general rule the first 15m (or more in some areas) of land adjacent to a roadway is governed by the municipality or the Ministry of Transport. MTO regulations and/or local by-laws prohibit the installation of temporary signs anywhere in this area. In addition, intersections are subject to rules regarding Sight Triangles to ensure that a vehicle approaching an intersection has a clear and unobstructed view of potential conflicts. Compliance with these guidelines makes installation of full size signs difficult. Also, the ditch beside many rural roads drops so sharply as to make it impractical to install a post so that it is visible.

Please ensure the location you desire for the sign to be installed is compliant with municipal/local by-laws regarding placement or location of real estate signs. This is important because  The Signman is not able to assume responsibility for by-law contravensions. Any costs incurred as a result of placement in violation of local by-laws or MTO regulations, including fines levied by the municipality or the MTO and/or loss of Signman property, are the sole responsibility of the agent.

 SOLD RIDERS: Do you install "sold" riders so that I will not damage my signs with stickers?

 Yes. We offer installation of these riders, which can be ordered from the "place an order" tab. Use of this feature will also allow you to automatically schedule the removal of the post. The Signman recommends that posts be removed about 2 weeks after addition of a “sold” rider.

 SOLD STICKERS: If I wish to install my own "sold" stickers where should I place them to avoid a repair/repaint fee?

 You may attach the "sold" stickers to the arm of our sign post with staples or thumbtacks but please do not remove the backing paper. The Signman recommends the use of a medium-duty staple gun, available from any hardware retailer. Please remember to order the removal of the post through our website if we are not adding a Sold rider.

 FEES: Are there any fees for posts not returned or returned damaged?

 Yes. You are responsible for the sign post at your listings. Posts severely damaged or not recovered are subject to a $75.00 charge. Posts damaged by stickers or attachments installed by you are subject to a $20.00 repair/repaint charge.

 EXTRA FEES/TIME LIMITS: Are there any extra fees or time limits for listings that don't sell within 3 months?

 No, there are no extra fees! You are welcome to the use of the post in the original location for as long as it is required. If a post has been in place for more than 180 days we will check in to make sure it is still required and has not been forgotten.

 BILLING: How am I billed for your services?

 In most cases your office will receive an itemized invoice at the end of every month which is then paid on your behalf and will appear on your monthly office statements.

 STORAGE: Do you provide storage for my signs?

 Yes. Your signs are stored in our warehouse to ensure fast, efficient service.

 Can I store my signs myself and have you pick them up for each install?

 Yes. This will result in a Pick-up/Delivery charge in addition to the cost of the install. Also, the pick up of the signs should be ordered separately through the website or by email for the day before you want the install completed. Our drivers are routed geographically to ensure their travel time is as efficient as possible. This often means that it is not practical to pick up from your office or home and complete the install on the same day.

 TYPES OF SIGNS: What types of signs do you offer?

  •  Residential
  •  Commercial
  •  Builder and Subdivision Signs
  •  Indoor / Outdoor Banners
  •  Open House and Directional Signs
  •  Frames
  •  Please see the products page for further details.
  •  Custom - Email special requests to

 SIGN MATERIALS: What are the different materials available for my signs?

 Coroplast 6mm - Recommended for residential signs max size 24x36, and Riders

 HiCore 10mm - Thicker Coroplast, for greater durability. Used for any signs larger than 24x36.

 Crezon - Standard choice for Commercial Signs 4x4 and up. Recommended for all mid-long term applications.

 Alupanel - Longer life product that is recommended for all longer term applications.

 NEW SIGN ORDER: How quickly can I have my new signs made?

 Almost all signs and riders are made in 4-7 business days.

 CONTACT US: How can I reach you?

 Work Order Requests: click on the "place an order" tab, in your account at

 Questions or Concerns? Email us anytime:

 Customer Service Line: 519-658-6663